Ajaban is the sire of Kennel Noushzad's
whelped 14 november, 2009
Six puppies, three males and three females, all grizzle.
Dam: DtCh.(DWZRV), DtCh.(VDH), LuxCh Pari-was Lilly-Lashirah
Owner: Imke Berndt, Kennel Noushzad, Germany
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Noushzad Abkar Ibn Ajaban
Noushzad Atan al Asiq
Noushzad Aflad al Ard
Noushzad Ateyyah al Lilly
VDH CH AJCH DWZRV JCH Noushzad Abadiya-Lashirah
Noushzad Asjah-Ajoko
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