Whelped: March 21, 1998
Breeder: Monica Nilsson, Kennel Baklava,
Hällingsjö, Sweden.
Owner: Agneta Doverholt
Tel. int +46 (0)767-63 55 20
Ramaq comes out of a litter of eight, six males and 2 bitches.
Seven has already achieved their championtitles. The litter has been
extreamly succesfull both in the showring and in Lure-Coursing.
We saw Ramaq when he was just some hours old and as the owner
of the father we had the opportunity to choose our puppie first.
It wasn't an easy choise, even thought I'm very found of red salukis.
I tried to ignore the color and only look for construction and details,
but I think from the very first moment I had made my choise in my heart.
Rawa Ramaq means beautiful breath of life and that's exactly
what Ramaq is. He is always happy and tries to see the best in all situations.
He's very outgoing and makes us laught every single day.
© Copyright: Agneta Doverholt